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Overall environmental audits and reports

Continuous improvement is a key concept in the environmental management work. KTH must demonstrate that improvements are achieved through systematic work with the environmental management system. Each year environmental audits are conducted to determine that requirements are met and work to meet the overall objectives is progressing.

External environmental audit 2022, 6-7 April

On April 6-7, KTH will be visited by the external certification body Qvalify. The purpose of the audit is to ensure that the environmental management system is maintained, updated and is effective in meeting our goals. All schools, UA and KTH's management will receive visits. Areas of focus for this year's review include KTH's sustainability goals, external and stakeholder analysis, risks and opportunities, compliance with binding requirements and management's review.

The employees and managers who are affected by the audit will be contacted shortly. For more information, contact

Results 2021 environmental audit

In April, the annual external environmental audit was carried out with good results. This year there was also an audit for recertification, which takes place every three years. Contact  to get the report in its entirety

Internal environmental audit

Internal environmental audits are conducted every year at KTH. Internal auditors are colleagues from KTH as well as environmental consultants. The audit consist of interviews with key persons ( eg KTH highest management, school managment and key functions) and visits to labs or other premises. An audit report including any deviations is compiled and submitted after the audit.

To read the internal environmental audit report (in Swedish), go to the Swedish version of this page  or contact KTH Sustainability Office,


External environmental audit

External environmental audits are conducted once a year in the spring by an accredited certification body. Every three years, a more comprehensive re-certification audit is conducted which covers the entire KTH. Other years, less extensive audits are conducted focusing on selested areas of KTH's operations. The first certification audit was conducted in April 2015. Re-certification was carried out in April 2018.

 To read the external environmental audit report (in Swedish), go to the Swedish version of this page  or contact KTH Sustainability Office,