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Dirk Pleiter

Professor of High Performance Computing

It is increasingly common for modern supercomputers to be developed in close collaboration between technology experts and researchers. This is because computer systems are becoming increasingly complex at the same time as demands have increased for them to be both cost- and energy-efficient. To achieve this, greater understanding of the research of those who design systems is required. At the same time, software developers need more knowledge about how computer architectures and technologies are developed. Therefore, a model for co-design of supercomputers has been developed where experts and researchers can contribute knowledge and expertise.

Dirk Pleiter’s research focuses on co-design of high-performance computer (HPC) architecture and IT-based research infrastructure. This project looks at how the design of future processors should look to maximize computing power while making supercomputers become cost- and energy-efficient. He also conducts research in computational science with a focus on the design of scientific software.

The goal is to find the best way for how the software of the future is designed for systems that are becoming increasingly complex and specialized.

Pleiter is involved in several European initiatives and research projects, including ETP4PHC, which is a grouping of European technology suppliers; the European Processor Initiative; and the Human Brain Project.

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