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Sonja Monica Berlijn

Professor of sustainable integrated energy systems

Societies will need to electrify extensively to achieve global sustainability goals. In all sectors, including transport and manufacturing, a transition is underway towards the wider use of electricity instead of fossil fuels. Because of this intensive electrification the need for electricity, in Europe alone, will be about six times higher than it is today. This means that we not only need more carbon free and renewable production, more transportation capacity, flexibility and storage, but also a smarter, more digital integrated energy system.

Sonja Monica Berlijin conducts research into this energy transformation with a focus on which initiatives best renew and improve the energy system. She often adopts a practical perspective to her work of investigating what efforts are required to maintain a system that provides security of supply in the future, too. She has a broad approach that includes initiatives to meet the growing need for skills and diversity, the introduction of new market solutions including the digitalisation of control and monitoring systems.

The digitalisation of the energy system presents opportunities and risks. Therefore, it is also important to improve cyber security within the energy system. This is an area in which KTH conducts research in close collaboration with industry and public actors.

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Last changed: Apr 19, 2022
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