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Karin Odelius

Professor of Fibre and Polymer Technology - Biobased functional Material

Polymeric materials are invaluable to society. Without them, our everyday lives would look very different. Polymeric materials are used in a long list of areas of great importance to humankind, such as packaging, construction, electronics, medical technology and transport.

Odelius’ research focuses on creating circular polymeric material streams by synthesising novel green polymers designed for recycling. By using renewable raw materials, her research contributes to the transition from finite to renewable resources. Taking into account the principles of green chemistry, she designs novel polymeric materials with specific functions – thereby contributing to knowledge of how the structures of polymeric materials create properties.

Once the polymeric materials have reached the end of their usage, she recreates the materials’ building blocks utilising the chemical design. The building blocks are re-used to synthesise the same materials again, closing the loop. Karin’s research consequently aims to raise the level of knowledge regarding the entire value chain for polymeric materials, with the goal of promoting sustainable.

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