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Janne Carlssons stipendium for Academic Leadership

The scholarship is awarded to stimulate active people in the Swedish academic world to develop leadership. Another purpose is to honor Janne Carlsson for his work in developing and internationalizing Swedish academic life.

The scholarship was established in 1998 by the Janne Carlsson fundraising foundation for academic leadership. The combined resources will be used for one or more annual scholarships, for one or more people who have made prominent contributions to academic leadership the year before. 

Per Lundqvist, recipient 2019 (photo: Kalle Börjeson)
  • 2022  Bo Westman, Per-Henrik Holgersson och Anna Maria Koziomtzis, akademichefer KMH
  • 2021 Josefina Syssner Head of department at Linköping University
  • 2020 Kerstin Tham, Professor and President at Malmö university
  • 2019 Per Lundqvist, Professor at the School of Industrial Engineering and Managment at KTH
  • 2018 Marita Hilliges, SUHF
  • 2017 Joakim Lilliesköld, Associate Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering* at KTH
  • 2016 Cecilia Christersson, Malmö University
  • 2015 Sophia Hober, Professor at the School of Biotechnology** at KTH
  • 2014 Jan-Olov Höög, Karolinska Institutet
  • 2013 Johan Malmqvist, Chalmers University of Technology
  • 2012 Stefan Nordlund, Stockholm University
  • 2011 Katja Tollmar Grillner, School of Architecture and the Built Environment at KTH
  • 2010 Folke Snickars, Dean of Faculty at KTH
  • 2009 Helena Lindholm, University of Gothenburg
  • 2008 Ingrid Melinder, Dean of the School of Computer Science and Communications*** at KTH

* As of 2018 part of the School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health at KTH.
**As of 2018 part of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at KTH.
*** As of 2018 part of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at KTH.

Nominate for Janne Carlsson's scholarship

Nominations of candidates can be made by all academic as well as research support organizations such as universities / colleges, foundations, companies and other organizations.

To nominate, fill out this form.

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Last changed: May 09, 2023