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Pictures of the KTH Reactor Hall

The special environment of the Reactor Hall at KTH gives visitors a different and memorable experience. The venue is suitable for different types of events such as seminars and corporate dinners.

A grand venue with a unique look

The venue breathes history, science and industry truly worth discovering. Over the years, a large number of events , seminars and different types of activities have been taking place in the KTH Reactor Hall.

A big venue that is lit up in blue and with windows lit up in red and organge,
The coordinate system for measurement of radioactive radiation is preserved in the ceiling. Photo: Magnus Glans

The reactor concrete pit

The concrete pit where the nuclear reactor was previously located has a diameter of five metres and is about three metres deep. The pit can be illuminated to add a dramatic effect. Photo: Blackbox

A big venue with an empty stage and chairs.

Furnished for events

In this photo the concrete reactor pit has been covered with a grid for the broadcast of KTH Debate 8 June 2022.

The KTH Reactor Hall as a venue for performing arts 

The Reactor Hall at KTH has been used as a venue for several types of events and artistic performances, such as the opera The Tale of the Great Computing Machine . The three photos are from scenes from the opera. Photos by: Martin Hellström.

A person dressed in a blue suit on top of some stairs in a theatrical setting.
Aragon played by Arina Trostyanetskaya. Photo: Martin Hellström
A theatre space in purple and pink with two people on a balcony holding red strings.
The Vocal Chorder and on balcony from the left: Hydrogenii by Elísabet Eínarsdottir and Oxygeni by Linnea Andreassen. Photo: Martin Hellström
A person on stage dressed in a blue tight suit with a dark background and a white lamp.
Suspended Choir and Aragon played by Arina Trostyanetskaya. Photo: Martin Hellström

Possibility for seminars and lectures

The venue is well suited to host seminars with an audience seated in rows in front of the stage and a large screen.

A dark room and a screen with an audience.
Alum of the Year at KTH 2023, Carl Unander-Scharin. Photo:Blackbox
A light and control room seen from the inside.

Sound and light control room

In the photo you can see the control room in the KTH Reactor Hall and staff during the recording of the opera performance "The Tale of The Great Computing Machine".


Live broadcast of KTH Debate

On stage is KTH's former President Sigbritt Karlsson and moderator Åsa Julin who are about to introduce  on 8 June 2022.

Possibility of hosting events and dinners

The KTH Reactor Hall is more than just a venue, it makes the setting for your event to something very special. The space can be furnished in different ways based on your wishes to create different type of environments.

A projector screen and chaits in several rows in front of screen.
The KTH Reactor Hall can be easily furnished for seminars.
A table with white table cloth and a dinner setting with a candelabre.
Here you can see a table setting for an evening mingle.
A venue with several tables for standing up.
The use of standing tables is well suited in the KTH Reactor Hall.

Want to book the KTH Reactor Hall for your event?

Welcome with your booking request  today. Companies and organisations may rent the KTH Reactor Hall.