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Previous events in the KTH Reactor Hall

The Reactor Hall at KTH has been used for a variety of activities and events. The venue has served as a stage for both opera and the Cullberg Ballet, and has been used for several art exhibitions, including events organized by the Swedish Arts Council.

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The Tale of the Great Computing Machine (2022)

In December 2022, the opera " The Tale of the Great Computing Machine " was performed in the KTH Reactor Hall. The opera is based on the book "The Tale of the Great Computing Machine" written by Hannes Alfvén, professor at KTH, who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1970.

The Tale of the Great Computing Machine was a collaboration between KTH and Stiftelsen Vadstena-Akademien, under the artistic direction of Carl Unander-Scharin and Åsa Unander-Scharin. Professor Carl Unander-Scharin was awarded KTH's Alumni of the Year 2023.

Two people interacting on stage, one wears a blue body suit and the other person is dressed in black
Photo: Martin Hellström
Two people on a stage with a set of stairs in between them.
Photo: Martin Hellström

Cinema for silent movies (2022)

The KTH Reactor Hall served as a cinema when the silent movie "The General" with Buster Keaton were shown and at the same time accompanied by the Skandia organ .

Theatre play "Kafkas arkiv" (2018-2020)

The KTH reactor Hall hosted the theatre play "Kafkas arkiv" a few times during the years 2018-2020. The theatre performance was loosely based on and inspired by the writings of Franz Kafka.

Two men interacting in a dark room with papers scattered around on the floor.
Photo: Fredrik Persson

Film screening for "2001", Stockholm Film Festival (2020)

During the pandemic, the Stockholm Film Festival organised a number of film screenings for only 50 visitors at secret locations in Stockholm. Visitors had to use various clues to find out where the film would be shown and to get the chance to book a ticket. One of these secret screenings took place in the KTH Reactor Hall where Stanley Kubrick's film "2001 - A Space Adventure" was shown.

TEDxKTH talks (2011, 2013, 2017, 2020)

The KTH Reactor Hall has been used for a number of TEDxKTH talks, for example the presentation of the World Energy Outlook (IEA). The latest TED talk was on 21 January 2020, TEDxKTH "The Power of People".

Other TEDxKTH: "Future of energy" (2011), "The Power of Perspectives" (2013) and "The Power of One" (2017).