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Degree Education

Interested in sustainable urban and regional planning and management, design issues of the public realm or in the environmental engineering and sustainable infrastructure? Division of Urban and Regional Studies is involved in several KTH's degree programmes.

Degree Programme in Civil Engineering and Urban Management, Urban Planning

Urban Planning is primarily about securing a long-term sustainable urban development, which requires environmentally sound solutions for buildings and infrastructure. It is also about creating good quality of life and conditions for entrepreneurship and investments, attractive residential areas and efficient transportation.

Master's programme in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design

The programme spans disciplines within an increasingly important field, a growing field that demands skilled graduates who can transfer theoretical knowledge and practical skills into meaningful action. This interdisciplinary study environment is unique in Sweden and takes advantage of world-leading interdepartmental competence at the Department for Environment and Planning, the School of Architecture, and the Department for Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Technology. The programme offers three study profiles: Urban Planning and Design (UPD), Urban and Regional Planning (URP) and Environment and Planning (EP)

Master's programme in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure

The Master's programme in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure provides students with the tools to solve future environmental problems and water issues. The courses in, for example, environmental assessment and water resources engineering are prepatory for careers as environmental engineers. Students will increase their understanding of the properties and functions of water and ecosystems, learn how to assess the local and global environmental impact of human activities, and apply advanced methods, techniques and modelling tools to describe, quantify and solve environmental problems.