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Department of Urban and Regional Studies provides several courses that will help you to acquire a broad knowledge of planning processes, governance and institutional capacity, regional planning and development, planning for urban and regional infrastructure, housing standards, social and economic development, culture and heritage management, city marketing, urban design and sustainable development

Current courses in the coming academic year at the First and second cycle, Bachelor and Master

 Autumn Term

Spring Term

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Continuing professional education

Continuing professional education (Fort- och vidareutbildning, FoV) consists of freestanding competence-enhancing courses for professionals and can be offered as freestanding courses for external applicants or by opening up already existing programme courses for external applicants.

AG219V Complexities and Conflicts in Urban Development
AG116V Safety in the Making
AG2134 Contemporary Urban Theory, Advanced Course
AG2127 Planning Theory and Urban Governance
AG2148 Governance of Land and Water

Contract Education

AG227U Advanced course in process management/Commissioned course 15.0 credits