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How to apply

The bachelor's programme has two application rounds. Applications are made through University Admissions, an online application portal for all Swedish universities.

Application dates for studies starting in Autumn 2021

Application round 1

Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens should apply in round 1 in order to obtain a residence permit before the start of the semester. Students in the final year of upper secondary will not be able to submit a complete application in round 1.

16 October 2020: Application opens
15 January 2021: Application deadline
1 February 2021: Deadline for supporting academic documents (all applicants) and documentation of fee exempt status (if required) or receipt of application fee (if required)
16 April 2021: Notification of selection results

Application round 2

Round 2 is an alternative mainly for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens. Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens will most likely not have enough time to obtain a residence permit.

15 March 2021: Application opens
15 April 2021: Application deadline
3 May 2021: Deadline for documentation of fee exempt status (if required) or receipt of application fee (if required)
21 June 2021: Deadline for supporting educational documents. Information for IB, EB, EU/EEA-applicants in the last year of studies.
9 July 2021: First notification of selection results
23 July 2021: Last date to reply to your offer
29 July 2021: Second notification of selection

Application process for the bachelor's programme

The academic year at KTH is divided into two semesters of 20 weeks, with the autumn semester beginning at the end of August and the spring semester beginning in January. The bachelor's programme start in the autumn semester. The application deadlines below are strict and in Central European Time (CET).

1. Check the admission requirements

If you meet the admission requirements for the programme, you are ready to start your application!

Entry requirements

2. Submit your online application

Create an account, select the programme and submit your application on University Admissions.

How to apply to bachelor's programmes (University Admissions)

3. Submit your required documents

Submit all required documents to your application at University Admissions by 1 February. Further instructions on how to submit your documents and how documentation requirements may differ between countries is provided at University Admissions .

4. Pay the application fee or document your citizenship

For non-EU/EEA citizens, there is an application fee of SEK 900. EU/EEA and Swiss citizens do not pay an application fee but should prove their citizenship status, for instance, with a passport copy.

Paying the application fee (University Admissions)

5. Check the selection results

The admission results are published posted in your account at University Admissions. If you are admitted, KTH will provide further information about how to prepare for your studies.

Notification of selection results (University Admissions)


For queries regarding the application process and user account at, please contact University Admissions Support Centre .

For queries regarding admissions requirements, please contact the KTH Admissions Office:  or +46 (0)8 790 9440 (Monday 1:00-2:00 pm CET and Tuesday-Thursday 10:00-11:00 am CET).