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Ask Yuxuan questions about KTH and read more about her decision to study at KTH, thoughts about Sweden, advice to prospective students and her plans for the future.


Hi! My name is Yuxuan and I am a Master’s student of Computer Science at KTH. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering at Nanjing University in China. I love films and I enjoy writing film reviews.

Why did you choose this master’s programme at KTH?

Computer Science has always been my dream subject because coding is like magic and it can make incredible things happen. Besides, Sweden’s education is famous all over the world and KTH is its best institute of technology. That’s why I chose to study Computer Science here.

What are the best aspects of your programme?

The best aspects of my programme are that I can learn basic knowledge of Computer Science through mandatory courses and then choose to specialise in one sub-track that I am most interested in.

Have you chosen a specialisation track within the programme? If Yes, which track and why?

I have chosen Visualisation and Interactive Graphics as my specialisation track. Personally, I like computer graphics and I find that many of the related courses offered by KTH are of high quality and interest me.

What are your favourite courses thus far?

My favourite courses are EN2720 Ethical Hacking and DD2438 Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems. EN2720 is about computer security and DD2438 is about games and AI algorithms. We have wonderful projects that help us master the knowledge.

How is student life in Stockholm?

I think student life is good. Although the shops and stores close early, there is still the nature and the beautiful scenery. Besides, cooking with friends is another interesting activity. I need to buy food myself and look for different discounts in the various supermarkets. I wasn’t a good cook before, but ever since coming to Stockholm, I’ve become one.

What do you want to do after graduating?

I am now considering applying for a PhDs degree since I would like to take a position in a university in the future.

What would you like to say to students thinking of choosing KTH for their master’s studies?

Do not hesitate to apply! You will get more than you expect here.

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