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Mina works with offshore structures and wind turbines

Mina Khoa Karami graduated from the master’s programme in Engineering Materials Science in 2013. She now works at DNV GL as a Materials and Welding Engineer.

Mina Khoa Karami
Master’s programme in Engineering Materials Science

Hi Mina, what are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working at DNV GL, in Hamburg, Germany, as a Materials and Welding Engineer. DNV GL is a provider of risk management and quality assurance services to the maritime, oil and gas, and power and renewables industries.

What can a regular day look like at your job?

It’s so enjoyable! I review design/fabrication/installation documents for offshore structures and wind turbines. I also occasionally travel for manufacturing audits and monitoring.

Have you worked with anything else since you graduated?

I started working at DNV GL in the Oil & Gas department in November 2012 after I had completed my master’s degree and then, in October 2019, I moved to the Wind Energy section with the same job: materials and welding engineer.

Why did you choose this programme at KTH?

KTH is quite famous in the field in which I studied, Materials Science, and I had friends who had studied at KTH who we were both happy and satisfied.

Are there any insights you acquired during your studies that have been particularly useful for you in your career?

Yes! Materials and corrosion! I work on a daily basis with different steel materials with regards to their properties, their suitability for offshore environments, their corrosion properties and their weldability properties. There are many interesting topics, knowledge of which I have gained from my master’s studies at KTH!

What were the best aspects of your studies at KTH?

I conducted my master’s degree project with support from Autokompu Company. This gave me so many new experiences. I have always appreciated this period and, consequently, I’m still in touch with Dr. Staffan Hertzman, who helped me a lot. So when I need some technical advice, I just contact him and he’s always available to help!

What is your best memory from your time at KTH?

Working with Dr. Staffan Hertzman in the department of Materials Science and Engineering.

What are your plans for the future?

I will try to gain more experience in my field of study, as well as in what I’m doing now, in order to be a specialist. Maybe I’ll do a PhD degree in the field of materials science at KTH at some point in the future.