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Faculty and research

The majority of courses is given by the division of Nuclear Engineering. The research conducted at the division aims at improving the performance and safety of existing and future nuclear power plants. Our research focuses on water- and lead-cooled reactors with conventional and advanced fuels.

We apply a variety of computational techniques, including Monte-Carlo methods, computational fluid dynamics, density functional theory and system codes for simulation of transients.

The division also operates a high-pressure, 1 MW heated water loop for two-phase flow studies and dry-out testing, and a nuclear fuel manufacturing laboratory, with equipment for manufacturing and characterisation of uranium nitride, silicide and composite fuels.

The following topical areas are currently being pursued:

  • Thermo-mechanic and thermal-hydraulic modelling of LWRs
  • Heat transfer in supercritical water
  • Development and optimisation of advanced Monte-Carlo methods
  • Nuclear fuel cycle modelling
  • Design and safety analysis of lead-cooled reactors
  • Science of radiation damage in nuclear steels
  • Advanced nuclear fuel development (mixed oxides, nitrides and silicides)
  • Quantitative validation of computational tools for reactor design and safety analyses
  • Development and application of Risk Oriented Accident Analysis Framework (ROAAM+)