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Many of my classmates have gotten jobs at ABB, Saab and Volvo

Cheng Zhang, researcher at KTH

- As I was pursuing my Master’s degree in Systems, Control and Robotics, I became increasingly interested in the specific area of computer vision and its potential impact on the future – from medical uses to the automotive industry and much more. This is a very interesting field, and one of the great things about the degree programme at KTH was the really strong foundation of learning and basic skills we received from the outset.

- I plan to continue in research and education after my PhD, but many of my classmates have gotten jobs at ABB, Saab and Volvo. Computer vision is very much tied to systems and robotics, so the move into that area was a natural progression of my studies.

- Robotics is one of the most wide-ranging and applicable areas of engineering; it incorporates many skill sets and areas of knowledge. But now with my focus in computer vision, I look forward to being part of the developments in this area.”

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Master's programme in Systems, Control and Robotics