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Training in all aspects of a smart electromechanical device

Volkan Ungan, Hardware Developer at Scania


Country of origin: Turkey
Bachelor's degree: Sabancı Üniversitesi

- I am a developer in the hardware-in-the-loop lab here at Scania. The nature of my job requires knowledge of the mechanical parts of the vehicle as well as the electrical system. And on top of that, I also need to have an overall idea about the control loops running in many different ECUs and their interactions. As you can guess, this implies a broad range of expertise. You need to be able to see the overall picture – how systems cooperate with each other and when it is necessary, you also need to be able to focus on specific parts. And this is exactly what the Master’s degree at KTH prepared me for. We were trained in all aspects of a smart electromechanical device – from getting our hands dirty in mechanical workshops to designing complex control algorithms and implementations on embedded systems.

- What struck me most about KTH was that we were offered limitless opportunities. For example, during the summer holiday I was sent to a robotics programme in Japan, taking courses from the people that send robots to asteroids; other people were hired by research labs in universities and worked in EU projects. If you are willing and able, then you will be given fantastic opportunities.

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Master's programme in Systems, Control and Robotics