How MOOCs at KTHx works

Do you want to learn something new, or deepen your knowledge in a topic without becoming a student again? KTH offers a wide range of free online courses open to all, so-called MOOCs. KTH's MOOCs give you the flexibility to study at a time and place that suits you.

Course enrollment

Enroll a course free of charge

Start by creating an account on , browse the course portfolio  and enroll any MOOCs that you find interesting. You can choose between following courses free of charge (audit), or if you after completion of all the assignments want a certificate and track your progress you choose the verified version. If you choose the later you will be asked to pay a minor fee and to identify yourself when enrolling.

Anyone can enroll in a MOOC

KTH offers both shorter courses with a highly specialized content and longer introductory courses.There are MOOCs that targets anyone who is interested, for example those who wish to further in their career. For those who want to deepen their knowledge in a subject area there are specialized and and advanced MOOCs. Your preknowledge is postulating for your ability to follow these courses. However, there are no formal eligibility requirements so if you are curious, please enroll and have a go. Note, that when enrolling a MOOC by KTH you are not formally a student at KTH.

Unique opportunity!

Students and faculty at KTH now have the possibility to enroll in the verified track of our MOOC courses and earn a certificate for free.

Contact  to receive a coupon code. The coupons are valid until May 1, 2020.

Course activities

In all KTH's MOOCs you have access to video lectures with KTH teachers, where you get the opportunity to take part of the research front in a subject area. However, it is through working with the course content, carrying out different types of assignments that you develop your knowledge and skills, and receive feedback on what you have learned from the video lectures.

You will also get the opportunity to discuss the course content and network with learners around the world, for example professionals, students and researchers. All course material in MOOCs is accessible online 24/7 and you can choose to watch the video lectures repeatedly and redo the assignments as many times as you like.

Effort and Length

Most of KTH's MOOCs allows you to choose your own study pace (self-paced) within a time frame of 12-20 weeks after enrollment. In these courses you can also choose in what order you wish to do the learning assignments. KTH also offer courses where there is an instructor present, who you can interact with to a degree during the course. These courses are 5- 7 weeks long and require that you are enrolled at the start of the course and that you do the assignments at given dates (instructor- paced). Thereafter you have access to the course material for a few months.

Course certificate

All participation in learning activities in MOOCs are voluntary, but to require a course certificate for a fulfilled MOOC, a so-called professional certificate you need to identify yourself when enrolling the course and requirements for a passing the course. Note, that a course certificate from a KTHx MOOCs is not the same as ECTS credits. If you are enrolled as a student at KTH and wish to apply for a credit transfer of previous studies you can read more about this on KTH's website for current students .

A more detailed guide on how edX MOOCs work is available here


Questions about the MOOC effort at KTH? Please contact us for more information.