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Division of Biocomposites

Welcome to the research division Biocomposites at the Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

This research program is focused on nanostructural aspects of biocomposites. Biocomposites include native materials, primarily wood, but also new materials from renewable resources such as nanocellulose and nanochitin. In nature, all load-bearing materials are nanocomposites, and they provide inspiration for our studies. Increased energy-efficient use of biocomposites will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and lead to better utilization of resources.

Nanocellulose is one of the oldest material components in nature, and yet it is hardly used at all industrially in its nanoparticle form. Our lab has demonstrated its potential in widely cited studies on nanocellulose extraction from wood pulp, high-toughness cellulose nanopaper, clay hybrid nanopaper, aerogels and foams, high-performance rubbers, magnetic nanocomposites. 

Preserved native wood microstructure or native state of wood fibres in creation optically functionilized biocomposites is an advantage for mechanical properties. Transparent wood composites and transparent biocomposites are such materials that our lab has demonstrated and has achieve large interest. 

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Biocomposite Projects

Here we provide information about the recent projects, publications, personnel and instruments.



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