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Book release: Urban Empires: Cities as Global Rulers in the New Urban World

Published Nov 05, 2020

This book is devoted to November 2019 Conference at Harvard University, Cambridge, i.e. the result of it which was organized by the Centre for the Future of Places, Harvard University and Regional Science Academy.

We live in the ‘urban century’. Cities all over the world – in both developing and developed countries – displaycomplex evolutionary patterns. Urban Empires charts the backgrounds, mechanisms, drivers, and consequences of these radical changes in our contemporary systems from a global perspective and analyses the dominant position of modern cities in the ‘New Urban World’.

This volume views the drastic change cities have undergone internationally through a broad perspective and considers their emerging roles in our global network society. Chapters from renowned scholars provide advanced analytical contributions, scaling applied and theoretical perspectives on the competitive profile of urban agglomerations in a globalizing world. Together, the volume traces and investigates the economic and political drivers of network cities in a global context and explores the challenges over governance that are presented by mega-cities. It also identifies and maps out the new geography of the emergent ‘urban century’.

With contributions from well-known and influential scholars from around the world, Urban Empires serves as a touchstone for students and researchers keen to explore the scientific and policy needs of cities as they become our age’s global power centers.

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Last changed: Nov 05, 2020