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Event Horizon

Beyond the event horizon: tools to explore local energy transformations

We are not doing enough today to fulfill the Paris Agreement. Many experience that the distance between "what has to be done" (an extensive energy- and societal transformation) and "what we can do" here and now (for example in a municipality) as very large.

The goal of this project is to develop a scenario-workshop methodology and to use it to carry out workshops that explore and support local energy transitions by helping local actors focus on, process, democratically anchor and expand "what is perceived to be possible". In the project, we will also carry out workshops with local and regional politicians and civil servants as well as with representatives and entrepreneurs from civil society and local business in different parts of Sweden. An important part of the project is to disseminate the workshop methodology and results widely. One of the project results will consist of policy recommendations for how transitions can be supported at local, regional and national level.




Project Duration

2020 - 2022