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HabitWise - Creating Sustainable Everyday Habits

Consumption in Swedish households accounts for about two-thirds of Sweden's consumption-based climate emissions. Energy use and transport are included. Many people do not know how their everyday decisions affect the climate. Neither do they know how to change their habits. To increase this knowledge, tools exist which visualize households’ climate footprint – climate calculators. The effect of these could be larger if more attention were given to exploring the motivation of people to change their habits and how design may play a role in this.

The aim of the project is to explore how organizations as intermediaries can support people to change their habits to become less harmful for the climate, especially regarding energy use and travel. We cooperate with the company Habits and their service with calculations of climate impact as a base. Part of the project aims to promote the commercialization of the service. The project includes two case studies of the service's use.


In collaboration with Habits.



Project duration

2019 - 2021


A. Biørn-Hansen, C. Katzeff and E. Eriksson, "Exploring the Use of a Carbon Footprint Calculator Challenging Everyday Habits," in Nordic Human-Computer Interaction Conference, 2022.