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The Department of Industrial Economics and Organization is the intersection of management and economics, technology and science


Our vision is to become one of Northern Europe's leading centers for research and education in the intersection of management and engineering, as well as to actively support solving society's major challenges in collaboration with other actors.

Our courses and educational programs should be student-centered, innovative and based on current research. The learning objectives are to develop the students':

  • basic knowledge of industrial economics and organization;
  • ability to manage technology-based operations in different environments as well as
  • ability to manage organizational, technical and social transformation processors.

Our research will be among the leading in Europe in the areas of industrial management and (applied) economics.

About 1,000 students per year participate in our graduate and master's degree programmes.

Our postgraduate education will be Northern Europe's best in the broad field of industrial economics.


The department is organized into 3 units:

The department is currently lead by Head of department, Professor Cali Nuur , Head of Department and Deputy Head of Department, Accociate Professor Pernilla Ulfengren.

The department is KTH's node in the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship ( SSES ) consortium.

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Last changed: Jan 11, 2021