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Education at INDEK

Undergraduate and doctoral education at INDEK is focused on the interface between technology and technology development on the one hand and finance, organization and management on the other.

Undergraduate and doctoral education at INDEK is based on a firm conviction that modern society has a great need for highly educated engineers and doctors in the field of industrial management to manage the major challenges society will face. Knowledge of the intersection of technology and technology development with finance, organization, and management is becoming increasingly important in order to understand the challenges and opportunities of today and in the future.

The main task for INDEK within undergraduate education is to give the students of KTH knowledge and proficiency that will prepare them for a professional career in which they can take on important development and management tasks in Swedish and international companies, public authorities and other organizations.

Doctoral studies at INDEK are interdisciplinary and characterized by a variety of different strategies and theoretical perspectives that creates a fruitful environment for academic research. The program offers doctoral studies within two research disciplines:

  • Industrial economics and management
  • Economics
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Last changed: Sep 01, 2022