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Doctoral studies at INDEK

INDEK provides high-quality graduate education that prepares our graduates to become successful researchers, or to advance in their chosen professional careers.

Our research addresses the development of effective industrial operations, technology-based business, and the conditions for innovation, organizational development, and sustainable growth in industrial applications.

The programme is multidisciplinary and characterized by a diversity of approaches and theoretical perspectives, creating a flourishing environment for academic research.

Doctoral subjects at INDEK

The programme offers doctoral training within two subjects at the third educational cycle :

Industrial Engineering and Management 

Addresses issues of management of innovation, operations, and marketing in established and emerging industries. Most research is pursued at the organizational level, but studies of inter-organizational relations, industrial and technological transformations, as well as micro-studies of work processes are also included.


Addresses issues of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services on industrial, national, or international levels of analysis. Economics at KTH is characterized by a strong emphasis on econometric analyses applied to technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The program is a full-time, four-year program (240 credits) and enrolls in total approximately 100 active doctoral students.

The faculty has a multidisciplinary background but focuses on a common research interest in the managerial issues of technology and industrial engineering. Our faculty members are excellent scholars and teachers who keep up-to-date in their disciplines through research and publications.
The programme fosters close interaction between students and faculty, and every doctoral student belongs to a research group specializing in a particular field of research.


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