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Software Development Academy

SDA is an agile, data-driven intensive education that meets the needs of society and the labor market at the same time as it retrains people and changes lives. During 15 weeks of training with over 550 hours of programming, newcomers with academic background are retrained as software developers in a university setting. We use a unique method and platform that provides extraordinary results for individuals, companies and society.

Funded by: Marianne och Marcus Wallenberg Foundation, ESF/EU, KTH
Time period: 2017-2022
Project members: KTH, Novare Potential (not the ESF-part)

Project contact persons:


New type of agile and data driven online education developed by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, that meets the needs of society and the labor market, at the same time as it changes lives. The method is effective, both in terms of cost and results. The platform makes it easy to adapt and update the content based on different needs and subject areas.

Swedish universities have a task and a responsibility to give back to and to support the society. KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Software Development Academy take an active role in challenges of the society, we solve problems with new methods to achieve better and faster results. Today, there is an unsustainable gap between the potential of newcomers and how the Swedish labor market manages to handle it. At the same time, there is a great demand for developers in the Swedish IT sector. SDA enables newcomers with an academic background to retrain as junior software developers for 15 weeks in a university setting. In addition, it enables the unique form of education and the platform for retraining in other industries and can thus contribute to lifelong learning and adjustment within companies. It is a unique education with unique results, both in terms of employment afterwards and the proportion of women who participate, which can contribute to cost-effective education for more people and to solve current and future challenges in society and the labor market.

Belongs to: Industrial Economics and Management
Last changed: May 10, 2021
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