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AI focus at WASP-HS Summer School

Students working on assignments
Doctoral students working at the assignment of WASP-HS Summer School 2023, at KTH. Photo: WASP-HS
Published Sep 05, 2023

The WASP-HS Summer School, hosted by INDEK in August, brought together more than 70 doctoral students for a dynamic exchange of ideas. This year’s focus was on the transformative influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on various aspects of society, including jobs, leadership, business strategies, and industrial dynamics.

The WASP-HS Summer School gathered young researchers from diverse corners of Sweden on KTH campus, creating a platform for a comprehensive dialogue on the multifaceted effects of AI on our professional lives. Professor Mats Engwall  and Associate professor Emrah Karakaya  (INDEK) were arranging the successful summer school.

Natalie Aleksic, a doctoral student from Stockholm School of Economics, reflects on her expanded perspective: “The discussions at the WASP-HS Summer School 2023 have shifted my focus from AI alone to also include its complementary aspects such as on a systems level and networks, as I explore strategies benefiting organizations’ value production.”

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Last changed: Sep 05, 2023