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  • Associate professors from INDEK with new publication in the Review of Financial Studies

    Published Oct 04, 2022
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  • Professor from INDEK on Swedish Radio

    Published Jun 20, 2022

    Lightning-fast Swish transfers have competed out cash - but it has also benefited criminal activities such as sex purchases, drug trafficking and robbery. The police are chasing the digital tracks and...

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  • Professor Niklas Arvidsson comments on vulnerability in payment systems

    Published Jun 01, 2022
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  • New forum makes INDEK stay relevant

    Published May 11, 2022

    Last week, the newly established INDEK Advisory Board had its first meeting on a sunny campus.

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  • Frauke Urban from INDEK attends Energy Transition Podcast

    Published Apr 28, 2022
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  • INDEK researcher Fabian Levihn hosted EU Commission President during Sweden Visit.

    Published Apr 13, 2022

    Fabian Levihn, part-time researcher and associate professor in "Industrial Management of Energy Systems" at INDEK / KTH, was co-host of celebratory visit.

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  • INDEK researcher Fabian Levihn awarded Jan Häckner Bioenergy price

    Published Apr 12, 2022

    Fabian Levihn, part time researcher and docent in Industrial Management of Energy Systems at INDEK / KTH was awarded Jan Häckner Bioenergy price.

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  • Fabian Levihn researcher at INDEK interviewed in the program "Klotet" on Swedish Radio P1

    Published Apr 11, 2022

    "After the UN climate report - the forest and carbon capture can save us from the climate crisis"

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  • Mattias Wiggberg is named Teacher of the year

    Published Dec 07, 2021

    Mattias Wiggberg, INDEK, has been named Teacher of the year by KTH's students. The secret behind his success? Every hour must challenge, inspire and lead towards the course objectives.

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  • Future leaders get to know cyber-physical systems

    Published Nov 03, 2021

    A new course will give INDEK students and other KTH students the basics of one of the hottest technology subjects: cyber-physical systems. " To be able to invest in new technology, we need people at e...

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  • “I focus on those in the shadow of the entrepreneurs”

    Portrait of Kristina Nyström
    Kristina Nyström, new professor at INDEK.
    Published Oct 06, 2021

    The third newborn professor from INDEK, Kristina Nyström, put the spotlight on people and companies that normally are overshadowed by charismatic entrepreneurs and startups.

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  • "Money and payments concern everyone”

    Niklas Arvidsson is a fresh Professor at INDEK. Photo: Anna Gullers
    Published Sep 15, 2021

    INDEK's Niklas Arvidsson foresaw the cashless society and says that several exciting innovations are on the way that will change the payment systems for all of us. Niklas is one of three new professor...

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  • Entrepreneurship in the veins

    Portrait of Terrence Brown
    Published Sep 08, 2021

    He’s got entrepreneurship in his blood since childhood, and research in this field has great impact on society. INDEK’s Terrence Brown, one of three new professors at ITM, tend to stay with his crew, ...

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  • To the moon during a conference

    The participants digital avatars on the moon.
    Published May 26, 2021

    At her last conference, she arranged a visit to the moon, the Oval room in the White House and a guided tour through Copenhagen with her Nordic colleagues. Despite a pandemic. After Zoom and Teams co...

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  • Fabian Levihn guest in the finance podcast Avanza

    Published Mar 02, 2021
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  • Death of cash

    Published Feb 09, 2021
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  • Crowdfunded women better at reaching funding goals

    Woman looking at the stock in front of computer.
    Published Feb 02, 2021

    Backed up by women, female entrepreneurs at crowdfunding platforms reach their funding goals more often than men. Hadar Gafni at the Department of Industrial Economics and Management has mapped the ge...

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  • INDEK researcher interviewed in Swedish newspaper about negative emissions

    Published Dec 14, 2020
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  • Meet Cali Nuur – INDEK’s new reluctant boss

    Cali Nuur portrait in the top of Singsing building
    From January 1, 2021, Cali Nuur is the new Head of Department for Industrial economics and management.
    Published Nov 25, 2020

    As from January, Cali Nuur will lead the Department of Industrial economics and management (INDEK) when Matti Kaulio steps back. Despite the fact that he’ll be the manager of a institution that teache...

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  • Cali Nuur – soon the new Head of INDEK

    Portrait Cali.
    Cali Nuur is a Professor of Industrial Dynamics since 2016.
    Published Oct 13, 2020

    We’re approaching shift change at the success factory INDEK . On January 1, 2021, Matti Kaulio will hand over his Head of Department title to Cali Nuur, in favor of his research.

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