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  • "A conversation with ..." - New lecture series from INDEK

    PRofessor Terrence Brown
    Published Apr 12, 2024

    The KTH Entrepreneurship Lab at INDEK has started a new lecture series called “ A conversation with...“

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  • Climate impact of payments

    Professor Niklas Arvidsson
    Published Apr 11, 2024

    Employees at INDEK have commissioned a report on the climate impact of payment services on behalf of the Riksbank, which was presented in the program "Vetenskapens värld" (the world of science) in Swe...

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  • A member of the European parliament gave guest lecture in an INDEK course

    Emma Wiesner lectures at KTH
    Published Apr 10, 2024

    On tuesday 9th of April member of European Parliament and engineer Emma Wiesner gave a guest lecture in the Energy Business course.

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  • Is the green transition economically sustainable?

    Professor Kristina Nyström
    Published Apr 09, 2024

    Professor Kristina Nyström from INDEK, together with researchers from the Institute of Retail Economics (HFI). has been granted 4,2 million in research grants from the Kamprad Family Foundation.

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  • INDEK researcher talks in Swedish Radio regarding companies' climate emissions

    Christian Thomann
    Published Mar 26, 2024

    This week, climate activists entered SAS's annual general meeting and aired their dissatisfaction with the company's climate work. In recent decades, carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced in Swed...

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  • INDEK researchers report on the climate impact of payment services got published by Riksbanken

    Published Mar 05, 2024
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  • Emma Rui Lu at INDEK hosted an industry panel for startups

    A picture of the panelists
    The panelists
    Published Feb 20, 2024

    Emma Rui Lu postdoc at INDEK and MMK at KTH hosted an industry panel 20th of February on how to grow a successful startup.

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  • The logistics future in an uncertain world: NOFOMA 2024 lands in Stockholm

    Two men in front of the Swedish Defence University.
    At the forefront of the arrangements are KTH Associate Professor Luca Urciuoli and Per Skoglund, Associate Professor at the Swedish Defence University.
    Published Feb 05, 2024

    The 36th edition of the NOFOMA conference will be hosted by KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the Swedish Defence University in June 2024. We caught up with organisers Per Skoglund and Luca Urciuo...

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  • Frauke Urban in panel discussion at COP28

    Two women i TV sending, interview.
    Professor Frauke Urban discussed the role of technology for achieving sustainable development.
    Published Dec 12, 2023

    Frauke Urban from KTH’s Department of Industrial Economics and Management (INDEK) participated in a panel discussion at the recent COP28 climate summit to discuss the interaction between academia and ...

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  • "Unleashing society's innovation capacity"

    Portrait Pontus Braunerhjelm
    “Sweden's economy is characterized by successful entrepreneurship and innovation. This is thanks to a reform agenda that has been gradually rolled out since the mid-1980s. The Swedish experience provides useful lessons for other nations, but now we need political measures to attract more talent,” says economics professor Pontus Braunerhjelm.
    Published Dec 11, 2023

    Keeping the entrepreneurial spirit in society requires new thinking in politics and business. So says KTH professor Pontus Braunerhjelm, who, with co-author Magnus Henrekson, has published a new book ...

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  • Henrik Henriksson's visions form course at KTH

    Henrik Henriksson
    Henrik Henriksson.
    Published Dec 06, 2023

    In 2021, former Scania CEO Henrik Henriksson initiated a course at KTH in Sustainable Industry. Following the success of the course in the spring of 2023, which featured influential business leaders a...

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  • Researchers at INDEK granted SEK 5.9 million for project on circular economy

    Published Dec 05, 2023
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  • INDEK shines at the ScAIEM annual conference

    A welcome picture at ScAIEM with Dr. Armaghan Chizaryfard and Dr. Adam Urhdin merged into it
    Published Dec 04, 2023
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  • Money to digitize the industry

    Published Nov 29, 2023

    Vinnova grants KTH and three other universities SEK 25 million for ADAPT – a new business model for industrial skills development.

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  • Researchers are granted 2.6 million SEK for project on recycling systems for solar panels

    Published Nov 14, 2023
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  • INDEK starts a debate forum on research and education

    Published Nov 06, 2023

    ​Weak performance and a skewed distribution of Swedish professors' societal impact, according to a recent study. Listen as Fredrik Sjöholm debates the topic with KTH's Deputy President Mikael Lindströ...

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  • MULTICLIMACT: A European initiative to protect built environment against natural and climate threats

    A picture from the MULTICLIMACT launch
    Published Nov 01, 2023

    25th of October 2023 marks the unveiling of an ambitious and innovative European project, MULTICLIMACT, designed to revolutionize the protection of the built environment against locally relevant natur...

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  • INDEK and EGI launch new PhD course on sustainable energy transitions

    Published Oct 27, 2023
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  • Climate change on equal terms?

    Kristina Nyström - INDEK/KTH
    Published Oct 23, 2023
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  • Christian Thomann debates in SVD about government support for industrial restructuring

    Christian Thomann
    Published Oct 12, 2023

    Government support crucial for industrial transformation. Christian Thomann from INDEK debates in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SVD)

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