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INDEK-researchers will lead a panel on AI and labor management at a top management conference in USA

Published Apr 26, 2024

Emma Rui Lu (of INDEK and MMK) and Mats Engwall (INDEK) will be leading a panel symposium on AI technology and labor management at the biggest conference for management research this August, the Academy of Management Conference (AOM) in Chicago, USA.

The panelists will discuss how to apply AI Technology to encourage employee engagement in the workforce.

It will be a multidisciplinary and multinational panel of scholars from innovation, strategy and management from Sweden, Germany and USA.

Apart from Emma Rui Lu and Mats Engwall the panel includes Mats Magnusson (KTH/MMK), Katharina Hölzle (U. Stuttgart), Katerina Bezrukova (U. Buffalo) and Erin Powell (NC State U.)

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Last changed: Apr 26, 2024