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New location for: "A conversation with ..." - New lecture series from INDEK

PRofessor Terrence Brown
Published May 01, 2024

The KTH Entrepreneurship Lab at INDEK has started a new lecture series called “ A conversation with...“

Our inaugural lecture will be held May 21th at hörsal F2 in Sing Sing building, Lindstedtsvägen 26-28 vån 2 with Joacim Sjöberg, VD/CEO of Castellum.
It will begin at 13 until about 14.30.

The topic of the conversation will be innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, there will an invitation-only reception for him afterwards.

Castellum was just named the most Sustainable Real Estate in Europe for the 8th consecutive year (4th in the world). Castellum is one of the largest listed property companies in the Nordics with almost 200 billion SEK in assets.

Professor Terrence Brown

Professor Terrence Brown, founder of the KTH Entrepreneurship Lab 

Terrence says - “We are lucky to have Joacim to be our first guest in our lecture series. Not only is Castellum one of the largest companies in Sweden, it is renowned for its focus on sustainability. This event is open to the entire KTH community.”

Joacim Sjöberg, VD/CEO of Castellum

Joacim Sjöberg, VD/CEO of Castellum

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Last changed: May 01, 2024