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INDEK researcher Fabian Levihn hosted EU Commission President during Sweden Visit.

Published Apr 13, 2022

Fabian Levihn, part-time researcher and associate professor in "Industrial Management of Energy Systems" at INDEK / KTH, was co-host of celebratory visit.

Fabian shaking hands with Ursula von Lyen and to the right Swedish Primeminister Magdalena Andersson
Fabian shaking hands with Ursula von Lyen with Swedish Primeminister Magdalena Andersson to the right

Thursday April 7th, part time researcher Dr Fabian Levihn at INDEK / KTH together with Anders Egelrud CEO of Stockholm Exergi hosted EU Commission President Ursula von de Lyen and Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson.

The visit took place at a combined heat and power plant at Värtaverket, nearby KTH. During the visit bioenergy, forestry, carbon capture and many other topics where discussed.

KTH researchers from various departments are involved in the project by Stockholm Exergi to develop full scale BECCS (Bio Energy Carbon Capture and Storage).

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Last changed: Apr 13, 2022