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Research Initiative on Sustainable Industry and Society (IRIS) - The goal of IRIS is to create strong research environments at the ITM school at KTH, and to stimulate new collaborations within and outside the school. IRIS represents a unique opportunity to establish the school at the forefront in research on sustainable industry and society.

Funded by: ITM
Time period: 2019 - 2022
Project members: KTH
Project contact persons:

Martin Törngren (overall IRIS), Frauke Urban (research area 3 on sustainable energy), Andrew Martin (research area 3)

Coordinator for research area 3 on Sustainable Energy Systems – Technology and Business Perspectives.

Other involved persons from INDEK:


Sustainable Energy Systems – Technology and Business Perspectives

IRIS area 3: A central part of the vision for the transformation of the energy system is carbon neutrality based on renewable production and storage of electricity, heating and cooling, with high stability and security of supply.

Aim and objectives

This research area is focusing primarily on three areas:

  • Transformations in the transport sector
  • Technology and business models for energy transitions in the built environment
  • Energy transitions in the process industry, including effective energy policies


IRIS is currently recruiting 12 post-docs, who will be engaged in research projects across all 4 research areas of the initiative. 3 of those post-docs are anticipated to be working in the energy area on energy transitions in transportation, built environment and industry.


Belongs to: Industrial Economics and Management
Last changed: May 12, 2021
Artificial Intelligence and industrial transformations
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