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Sustainable Energy Transformations in Aviation

Funded by: Swedish Energy Agency / Energimyndigheten
Time period: 2020-2024
Project members: KTH Royal Institute of Technology (INDEK at ITM and SEED at ABE), University of Linköping
Project contact persons:

Involved persons from INDEK/KTH

Involved persons from ABE/KTH

Involved persons from University of Linköping

Johan Nordensvärd

Aneta Kulanovic


The Swedish government has set ambitious targets to become carbon neutral by 2045. This includes targets for having a completely fossil-free transport sector in 2045. Aviation plays a key role here. Sweden is already a global leader in sustainable energy transformations in aviation.

Swedish aviation have the target that all domestic flights shall be fossil free by 2030 and major Swedish airlines are offering their customers the possibility to purchase bio-based sustainable jet fuel, while initiatives on electric aircrafts are also happening.

Aims and objectives

The “Sustainable Energy Transformations in Aviation (SETA)” project aims to contribute to an acceleration of sustainable energy transformations in aviation, with a focus on bio-based jet fuels, electric aircrafts and potentially even hydrogen. The project will be exploring the socio-technical opportunities and barriers related to these transformations.

To achieve the project's purpose, we have 3 doctoral students at KTH and Linköping University who are researching in relation to the socio-economic and socio-technical effects of sustainable energy transformations in the Swedish aviation sector, the sustainability perspectives (using LCA techniques), policy tools, business models and customer preferences.

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Lai, Y.Y., Karakaya, E., Björklund, A., 2022. Employing a socio-technical system approach in prospective life cycle assessment: a case of large-scale Swedish sustainable aviation fuels , Front. Sustain., 07 July 2022, Sec. Quantitative Sustainability Assessment,

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