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MOOSE2 Toolbox

Model Based Optimal Input Signal Design Toolbox


The toolbox project is partly sponsored by

MOOSE2 is a model based optimal input design toolbox developed for MATLAB. The toolbox has been made to simplify implementation of optimization problems found in least-costly application-oriented input design. 

If you have any comments, feedback or questions about MOOSE2 (or its predecessor MOOSE), feel free to contact either of the creators by email.

Download MOOSE2 (function- and YALMIP-based)

Click here to download MOOSE2 (zip 692 kB)

Click here to download MOOSE2's user guide (pdf 231 kB)

Download MOOSE (keyword- and CVX-based)

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Contact info

MOOSE2 and MOOSE at conferences

MOOSE2 presented at ERNSI 2015

A work-in-progress version of MOOSE2 was presented at the ERNSI 2015 Workshop in Varberg.

Click here to download poster (pdf 276 kB)

MOOSE presented at SYSID 2012

MOOSE was presented during the software session at SYSID 2012 in Brussels.

Click here to download paper

Click here to download poster

Click here to download presentation

MOOSE presented at ERNSI 2011

MOOSE was unveiled at the ERNSI 2011 Workshop in Nice.

Click here to download poster


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