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Research Collaborations

The Division of Information Science and Engineering would like to highlight the following research collaborations with industry, the public sector, and within academia.

Collaborations with Industry

Ericsson  (projects, industrial PhD students, adjunct professors)

Huawei (projects)

ABB  (affiliated faculty)

SAAB  (industrial PhD students)

Scania  (industrial PhD students)

Mabtech AB  (projects)

SenseAir  (projects)

R3 Communications  (co-funded by James Gross)

Cohda Wireless  (co-funded by Lars Kildehøj Rasmussen)

Collaborations with the Public Sector

City of Stockholm (projects)

Region Stockholm (projects)

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency MSB (project)

The Swedish Transport Administration Trafikverket (projects)

The Swedish Defense Research Agency FOI (projects)

Academic Collaborations

The following are our most important international academic collaborations:

  • Princeton University: H. V. Poor ( papers ),
  • Stanford University: T. Weissman, A. El Gamal, B. Murmann, H. Blau ( papers ); 
  • MIT: M. Medard (JM); UC Berkeley: I. Stoica ( papers ); 
  • UI Urbana-Champaign: S. Hutchinson, Y. Bresler ( papers ); 
  • Univ Minnesota: N. Sidiropoulus, S. I. Roumeliotis ( papers ); 
  • Carnegie Mellon: M. Satyanarayanam (papers); 
  • Univ. Texas Austin: T. Tanaka (JM); 
  • Univ. Maryland: J. Baras (J,PM); 
  • UCLA and EPFL: A. H. Sayed (JM); 
  • ETH Zurich: G. Hug (PM); 
  • Imperial College London: D. Gunduz (JM,PM); 
  • Queens University, Canada: F. Alajaji and S. Yuksel (JM)

We in addition highlight the following collaborations: Univ. Notre Dame (J); Univ. North Texas (JM); Purdue (J); TU Berlin (JM,P); TU Munich (JM); TU Dresden (JM); RWTH Aachen (JM,PM); Univ. Paderborn (J); Fraunhofer HHI (P); Vienna Univ. Tech. (JM); NSERG Grenoble (JM); Telecom Paris (JM); Université Paris Seine (JM); 

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