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Wireless networks

Research on wireless networks has a long tradition at the Divisiont of Information Science and Engineering, covering a large range of topics and application areas. Recent research addresses challenges resulting from new applications scenarios like IoT, machine-type communication, vehicular communications as well as new trends like densification, coexistence, millimeter-wave communication, and wireless caching.

We perform theoretical as well as experimental research using tools from information, communication, and coding theory, signal processing, machine learning, statistical physics, and stochastic network calculus. Our results provide insightful performance bounds and efficient communication strategies and algorithms.

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5G, IoT, low-latency high-reliability wireless communications, critical machine-to-machine communications, vehicular communications, cyber-physical networking, tactile internet, wireless caching, millimeterwave communications, resource allocation, optimal transmit strategies in multi-antenna systems, interference management, interference alignment, spectrum sharing, retransmission schemes, relaying, collaborative communication, cognitive communication, wireless testbed, WARP, USRP.

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