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Microwave and Terahertz Microsystems

RF (radio-frequency) MEMS are microdevices which are interacting with electrical signals by switching, modulating, filtering or tuning electrical circuits.

The Microwave/THz research group at the Microsystem Technology Laboratory at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at KTH focuses on developing innovative micromachined devices and systems, including MEMS reconfigurability, for microwave and Terahertz applications. The frequency range we are primarily working with is 100 to 750 GHz. Major application fields are beam-steering and remote sensing, in particular car radar and industrial radar sensors, telecommunication, radiometers for space and environmental sensing.

The key reseach topic is to create complete THz system on a silicon-micromachined chip, and the THz Microsystem Group at KTH has already achieved some substantial achievements along that way, as shown in the following overview figure:

Overview of achievements of theTHz Microsystem Group at KTH, towards silicon-micromachined highly integrated, high-performance, THz systems

The group currently consists of Prof. Joachim Oberhammer (check his research page for a list of projects and key publications of the group), 3 senior researchers (Dr Umer Shah, Dr Oleksandr Glubokov, Dr Dmitry Lioubchenko), and 7-10 PhD students.

The group has its own THz measurement laboratory with VNA up to 500 GHz, custom-made probe stations, an automated 4-degree-of-freedom antenna measurement setup up to 500 GHz. All devices are fabricated in the clean-room of KTH.

Major awards: ERC Consolidator Grant (2014-2019), Best Paper Award at IEEE European Microwave Integrated Circuit Conference 2009, Best Paper Award at IEEE Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference 2010, Honorable mention at IEEE Antenna and Propagation Symposium 2012, Best Papaer Award at European Antenna and Propagation Symposium 2013 (published by IEEE), Best Paper Award at Micromechanics Europe 2014, Best Paper Award at IEEE Micro Electro Mechanical Systems 2014. Furthermore, the members of KTH's RF MEMS team received: Graduate Fellowships Award by the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society in 2010, 2011, and 2014, Graduate Fellowship Award by the IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society in 2012.

Major collaboration partners: Ericsson, Infineon, Swedish Defence Research Agency, Chalmers, Uppsala University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, University Carlos III de Madrid, NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CSEM, University of Rennes.

Involved faculty

Faculty working within the research topic microwave and terahertz microsystems:

Senior team members

Dr Umer Shah

Dr Oleksandr Glubokov

Dr Dmitry Lioubchenko

+ 7-10 PhD students

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