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Accepted papers in September

Published Oct 05, 2022

The following papers from researchers at RPL has been accepted to various events this past month:

  • Ilaria Torre, Simon Holk, Elmira Yadollahi, Iolanda Leite, Rachel McDonnell, and Naomi Harte "Smiling in the face and voice of avatars and robots: evidence for a ‘smiling McGurk effect’" accepted to IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing
  • Robert Gieselmann, and Florian T. Pokorny "Latent Planning via Expansive Tree Search" accepted to NeurIPS 22

  • Matteo Iovino, Fethiye Irmak Dogan, Iolanda Leite, and Christian Smith "Interactive Disambiguation for Behavior Tree Execution" accepted to Humanoids 2022

  • Parag Khanna, Mårten Björkman, and Christian Smith "Human Inspired Grip-Release Technique for Robot-Human Handovers" accepted to Humanoids 2022