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Recent publications by the Department of Information Science and Engineering.

Liu, Yanping ; Fang, Xuming ; Xiao, Ming Discrete Power Control and Transmission Duration Allocation for Self-Backhauling Dense mmWave Cellular Networks 2018
Cui, Yaping (et al.) Optimal Nonuniform Steady mmWave Beamforming for High-Speed Railway 2018
Cao, Phuong ; Oechtering, Tobias ; Skoglund, Mikael Transmit Beamforming for Single-user Large-Scale MISO Systems with Sub-connected Architecture and Power Constraints 2018
Zhang, Jianjun (et al.) Cooperative Multi-Subarray Beam Training in Millimeter Wave Communication Systems 2017
Zaki, Ahmed ; Chatterjee, Saikat ; Rasmussen, Lars Kildehöj Generalized fusion algorithm for compressive sampling reconstruction and RIP-based analysis 2017
Bao, J. (et al.) Joint Multiuser Detection of Multidimensional Constellations over Fading Channels 2017
Huang, Sheng ; Skoglund, Mikael On linear coding over finite rings and applications to computing 2017
Naghibi, Farshad (et al.) Performance of Wiretap Rayleigh Fading Channels under Statistical Delay Constraints 2017
Du, Rong ; Fischione, Carlo ; Xiao, Ming Poster: On the Immortality of Wireless Sensor Networks by Wireless Energy Transfer - A Node Deployment Perspective 2017
Li, Zuxing ; Oechtering, Tobias Privacy-Constrained Parallel Distributed Neyman-Pearson Test 2017
Wiese, Moritz ; Oechtering, Tobias J. Secure distributed estimation of linear systems 2017
Do, Tan Tai (et al.) Uplink Waveform Channel With Imperfect Channel State Information and Finite Constellation Input 2017
Wiese, Moritz ; Noetzel, Janis ; Boche, Holger A Channel Under Simultaneous Jamming and Eavesdropping Attack-Correlated Random Coding Capacities Under Strong Secrecy Criteria 2016
Ye, Yu ; Xiao, Hanshen ; Xiao, Guoqiang A Rotation-Aided Arctangent Phase Discriminator With One-Bit Quantization 2016
Xu, Yuzhe (et al.) A Semi Distributed Approach for Feasible Min-Max Fair Agent-assignment Problem with Privacy Guarantees 2016
Li, Kezhi (et al.) Alternating strategies with internal ADMM for low-rank matrix reconstruction 2016
Farhadi, H. (et al.) An adaptive localization technique for wireless capsule endoscopy 2016
Vehkaperä, Mikko ; Kabashima, Yoshiyuki ; Chatterjee, Saikat Analysis of Regularized LS Reconstruction and Random Matrix Ensembles in Compressed Sensing 2016
Girnyk, Maksym A. ; Vehkaperä, Mikko ; Rasmussen, Lars Kildehoj Asymptotic Performance Analysis of a K-Hop Amplify-and-Forward Relay MIMO Channel 2016
Sundin, Martin ; Chatterjee, Saikat ; Jansson, Magnus Bayesian Cramer-Rao bounds for factorized model based low rank matrix reconstruction 2016
Hu, Yulin ; Schmeink, Anke ; Gross, James Blocklength-Limited Performance of Relaying under Quasi-Static Rayleigh Channels 2016
Gerami, Majid Coding, Computing, and Communication in Distributed Storage Systems 2016
Ghauch, Hadi (et al.) Coordination and Antenna Domain Formation in Cloud-RAN Systems 2016
Hithnawi, Anwar (et al.) CrossZig: Combating Cros-Technology Interference in Low-Power Wireless Networks 2016
Tarighati, Alla ; Gross, James ; Jaldén, Joakim Decentralized Detection in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks 2016
Yang, Guang (et al.) Delay and Backlog Analysis for 60 GHz Wireless Networks 2016
Rezaei, Fatemeh (et al.) Delay and Stability Analysis of Caching in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks 2016
Sundman, Dennis ; Chatterjee, Saikat ; Skoglund, Mikael Design and Analysis of a Greedy Pursuit for Distributed Compressed Sensing 2016
Zhu, Hui Design of Optimal Energy Flow Control with Privacy-Cost Trade-Off in Smart Grids 2016
Tarighati, Alla ; Gross, James ; Jalden, Joakim Distributed detection in energy harvesting wireless sensor networks 2016
Malik, Naveed-ur-Rehman ; Husain, Iqbal Dynamic and Steady-State 3-D Thermal Design and Investigation of the Rotating Power Electronic IGBT Converter 2016
Larsson, Peter (et al.) Effective Capacity of Retransmission Schemes: A Recurrence Relation Approach 2016
Zhang, Lin (et al.) Efficient Scheduling and Power Allocation for D2D-Assisted Wireless Caching Networks 2016
Zhang, Lin (et al.) Energy-Efficient Cognitive Transmission With Imperfect Spectrum Sensing 2016
Qi, Nan (et al.) Energy-Efficient Cooperative Network Coding With Joint Relay Scheduling and Power Allocation 2016
Zhang, L. (et al.) Energy-efficient transmission with imperfect spectrum sensing in cognitive radio 2016
Bao, Jinchen (et al.) Error Performance of Sparse Code Multiple Access Networks with Joint ML Detection 2016
Fanny, Roche Evaluation of Audio FeatureExtraction Techniques to ClassifySynthesizer Sounds 2016
Forssell, Henrik (et al.) Feature-Based Multi-User Authentication for Parallel Uplink Transmissions 2016
Du, Rong ; Fischione, Carlo ; Xiao, Ming Flowing with the water: On optimal monitoring of water distribution networks by mobile sensors 2016
Wiese, Moritz ; Papadimitratos, Panos Frequency hopping does not increase anti-jamming resilience of wireless channels 2016
Zhang, Zhengquan (et al.) Full-Duplex Two-Way and One-Way Relaying: Average Rate, Outage Probability, and Tradeoffs 2016
Deniaux, Tiphanie Investigate more robust featuresfor Speech Recognition usingDeep Learning 2016
Xie, Tian Knowledge discovery and machinelearning for capacity optimizationof Automatic Milking RotarySystem 2016
Imtiaz, Sahar (et al.) Learning-based resource allocation scheme for TDD-based 5G CRAN system 2016
Du, Rong ; Fischione, Carlo ; Xiao, Ming Lifetime Maximization for Sensor Networks with Wireless Energy Transfer 2016
Girnyk, Maksym A. (et al.) Lytic granule convergence is essential for NK cells to promote targeted killing while preventing collateral damage 2016
Dombrowski, Christian (et al.) Model-Checking Assisted Protocol Design for Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Wireless Networks 2016
Schiessl, Sebastian (et al.) On the Delay Performance of Interference Channels 2016
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