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Division of Energy Processes

The common denominator for research at the Division of Energy Processes has for a long time been the systems perspective, i.e. that components are studied together and in relation to their environment. Studied systems can range from stationary and mobile technical and techno-economic systems with different energy carriers to socio-technical systems where, e.g., policy instruments and economic perspectives are important aspects. In recent decades, virtually all research in the department has also focused on solutions to reduce the human impact on the climate.

The majority of employees at Energy Processes have a chemical engineering background, which means that a thermodynamic understanding of energy conversion processes is fundamental. However, research often extends to multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary areas beyond the traditional engineering sciences. The main research areas for Energy Processes' current employees are: chemical engineering unit operations, carbon dioxide capture and storage, systems for so-called negative emissions, fluid dynamics, and systems for the production, storage and transportation of hydrogen.