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Booking information and Lab rules

Max one booking time: 1 week
Cancel it on time if you don't use it to avoid extra payment

You are NOT allowed to use the instrument without booking!

Booking website for XRD TPR BET TGA:

If this is your first booking, please write an email to Lea ( and provide your information (organization, department, supervisor, project number)

If you first time to use the instrument, get a license first with the following responsible person:

TPR / TPD / TPO : Elise Farah (

Chemisorption: Pol Fernandez Reixach (

BET: Pol Fernandez Reixach (

TGA: Pedro Henrique Carbal De Souza (

Rules for the characterization lab at KTH Process Technology, Teknikringen 42, level 6:  

  1. Do not leave any samples in the fume hood. Regular check ups will be made. Any sample which is not properly labelled (sample name, date, and user name) will be thrown out immediately with no questions asked.
  2. Always clean up after yourself. Lack of cleaning will result in an additional charge. Throw your sample out. Wash everything you used, and let it dry. The sink should always be clean and empty.
  3. You cannot take anything (other people´s samples, tubes, glassware,…) out of the lab. Whatever is there remains in the laboratory.
  4. Return whatever you use to its original place. Everything has been properly labelled, and you should not find much trouble returning things to their proper place.
  5. Report any incident to the instrument responsible person, including broken glassware. We need to replace/fix them ASAP so you can use the equipment again.
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