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Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Systems

Our research aims to improve today's standards and methodology for the development of safety-critical systems. Of particular interest are security aspects linked to integrated development environments, "useful" formalized requirements descriptions that can be linked to architecture descriptions, and cost-effective verification of safety-critical systems.

Mechatronic products such as robots, vehicles and medical devices are constantly provided with new functions, driven by legal requirements, needs for increased performance, increased safety, etc. Mechatronic products such as robots, vehicles and medical devices are also safety critical; the introduction of new features, especially more and more software-based functions, is thus not without problems; new functions and new technologies also entail new risks. Software and networked embedded systems increase the complexity of the systems and bring potential new sources of error as well as errors and dangers. The increased complexity of the development environments also potentially provides new sources of error.

TECoSA Center for Trustworthy Edge Computing Systems and Applications

Current projects

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Last changed: Oct 13, 2020
BOAUT - Boundaries Of AUTonomy
Susan's Ride on Campus 2030
WASP: AD-EYE – an Open Modular Testbed
CAMPUS 2030 – Enabling systemic solutions for smart roads
ATRIUM: ArchiTectural RefInement using Uncertainty Management
InSecTT – Intelligent Secure Trustable Things
Rigorous Systems Engineering