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TADDO: Trustworthy Automated Driving DevOps

The TADDO project has the goals to: (1) identify gaps and barriers as a baseline for defining important directions for Trustworthy DevOps; and (2) develop a synopsis for a follow-up research project based on a prioritization of topics anchored with key automotive Swedish stakeholders.

TADDO addresses the insufficiency of current DevOps practices for safety-critical systems. Trustworthy DevOps refers to the need to trust the entire “loop”; from monitoring over updates to the actual safety risks and performance related to the “updated behaviors” and their impact.

The TADDO project and follow-up efforts are expected to pave the way for a new methodology for connected automated vehicles (CAVs) that is necessary for (and contributes to) enhanced traffic and work environment safety in an evolving road traffic landscape with automated and new types of vehicles. Competence in this area will be important for the Swedish automotive industry as their architectures and development methodologies are transforming.

Project duration: June 2023 - March 2024
Project lead and contact: Martin Törngren (

Project partners: KTH, CAG Syntell, Einride, Magna Electronics, Qamcom, Scania, Volvo Autonomous Solutions, Zenseact.

The project is part of the Vinnova collaboration in vehicle strategic research and innovation (FFI):

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