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Susan's Ride on Campus 2030

This project aims to demonstrate the potential of digitalization in reducing the carbon footprint and improving the cost-efficiency of the construction and the transportation industry. We will establish a one-of-a-kind smart road infrastructure demonstrator on KTH Campus Valhallavägen for the integrated design, construction and operation of smart infrastructures.

The project involves KTH researchers from Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE). They will construct a demonstrator that incorporates a digital twin of KTH campus, corresponding to multiple models and data sets to virtually assess and experience the Campus infrastructure, while being validated and updated through real-time data feeds from a variety of sensors. Some of the work can be seen on our testbed for Intelligent Transportation Systems on . Susan’s Ride will showcase the potential of edge computing, federated learning, and digital twins in the digital transformation of road construction and autonomous vehicle path planning.

Autonomous vehicles, dynamic charging of electrical vehicles and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication are just a few examples that require a systemic solution in order to function sustainably. Making the smart road sustainable requires a partnership between road owners, operators, electricity companies, vehicle manufacturers, transport and logistics companies as well as technology suppliers in digitalization. Data will become a fundamental asset in this partnership and will have to be collected through a combination of new sensors in the infrastructure already upon construction, on smart vehicles, including construction machinery.

Martin Törngren (martint is the contact person from ITM.

The project leverages and extends research carried out in the Campus 2030 project and the TECoSA research centre. Read more on the Digital Futures homepage:

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