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Managers & Media

Managers in social service and health care have gained increased focus in public debate and scientific literature during the last decade. There seems, however, to be a lack of research on how managers handle media’s attention and what the internal support processes look like in their organizations.


The aim of this project is to explore how human service managers handle media’s attention on themselves (personification) and their organizations; what kind of reactions they show, how they handled the interaction, what kind of support they seek and receive and, what kind of organizational action plans that is needed

Research questions

1.     In what ways do managers react and handle medias focus?

2.     From whom and in what ways do the managers seek and receive social support within or outside their organizations?


Grounded theory and content analysis

Quantitative approach ongoing

From qualitative results, a survey was developed and sent to top-managers in human service organizations


Lotta Dellve , project leader, professor KTH and University of Borås 

Tel: 08-790 48 95 Mobile: 0736 601 674

Maria Wramsten Wilmar , lic psychologist, PhD student KTH

Gunnar Ahlborg jr, Ass professor, Institute of stressmedicin.

Christian Jacobsson, lic psychologist, PhD University of Gothenburg



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