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Health-promoting leadership: Development of interactive intervention methods driven by occupational health services

Occupational health services (OHS) are supposed to provide expert knowledge within the field of systematic work environment management. They are, however, seldom involved in the development of healthy work environments from a leadership perspective. The project is financed by AFA Försäkring and aims at developing OHS-driven methods for health-promoting leadership within healthcare.


8 years ago researchers and practitioners developed a working material for health-promoting leadership and employeeship Working material (in Swedish) (pdf 471 kB) . The working material provides a structured form for working with complex issues of work environment. Today we face extended knowledge of how to integrated issues of work environment into ongoing organizational development. Furthermore possibilities for interactive web based methods have increased. This coincides with new demands from county councils/hospitals for support on how to implement interventions for health-promoting leadership.


The aim of the research project is to update a working material for health-promoting leadership and to test effects of different OHS-driven within health care (dialogue groups, web based interactive methods, web based  non-interactive interventions)


The project has an interactive method which means that the researchers and OHS collaborate in the implementation of interventions including 180 managers. The researchers will study the results of the  interventions with qualitative as well as quantitative methods.

·         In step 1 a working material for health-promoting leadership and employeeship is updated with new research. Furthermore interactive and web based methods are developed in collaboration with OHS and managers in a pilot project.

·         In step 2 OHS-driven interventions are implemented and evaluated.  The updated working material gives content and structure to the intervention. 3 different intervention methods are applied:

 a) Dialogue based leadership interventions in groups

 b) Web based interactive leadership interventions

 c) Web based leadership interventions

Project information

Project time: 1 September 213 – 31 August 2016.

Financed by AFA Försäkring and part of their OHS-research program.

Project budget: 2 496 000 SEK

Reference number:130163

Research group

Andrea Eriksson, DrPH, KTH

Lotta Dellve, professor, KTH och Borås högskola

Katrin Skagert,  Med dr, Institutet för stressmedicin

Marcus Strömgren, Doktorand, KTH

Annemarie Hultberg, utvecklingsledare, Institutet för stressmedicin


Project leader Andrea Eriksson


Telephone: -46-8-790 98 04

Mobile: +46-73-460 24 94

Andrea Eriksson

Lotta Dellve

Professor, KTH and Borås University

Telephone: +46-8-790 98 04

Mobile: +46-734 60689

Lotta Dellve