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Health, safety and quality in a digital platform for workers in the manufacturing industry Digital Platform for Manufacturing Staff – DipMaS

The purpose is to facilitate companies to achieve a better working environment, health, safety and production. The project also aims to enable a broader participation in the improvement work, further developed competence, and improved sustainability.

The project goal is to develop a modularized digital platform to support staff in the manufacturing industry using smart wearable technology where sensors are integrated in the work-wear, wirelessly connected to a smartphone with apps to collect and analyze data and visualize the results.

We already know that risk assessments based on technical measurements have higher validity than those based on observations. The system is expected to be used by work environment managers and occupational health care providers, but in this project, the system is designed so that production engineers and designers can also become users and thus be supported in their work to design ergonomic products and workplaces. The project results are expected to lead to better working environment, health and safety, but also production improvements.



Project leaders

Liyun Yang:  

Project team

Ida-Märta Rhén:

Caroline Jarebrant:

Hans Lindell:

Per Magnusson:

Teresia Nyman:

Lars Hanson: