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RAMP 2.0 for systematic risk management at companies

This project was started on the initiative of companies that use RAMP, a tool for musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risk management in manual handling, developed in a previous AFA Insurance project. The purpose of the project is to further develop RAMP into a more generally applicable method, RAMP 2.0, which is also applicable to work where the hands are used much, where the tool is supported by a system version, and which can provide users with relevant data and key performance indicators, which in turn can be used in company business management.

The project is carried out with an iterative, participatory methodology where research-based knowledge and industrial experience are utilized. This is done in seven steps, including a needs analysis and requirement specification, information search, analysis, and Iterative development and evaluation and dissemination of results.

The project is led by KTH and is carried out as a collaborative project with participating companies and organizations in three industries: the manufacturing industry and the installation and dental care industry. Reference, expert and usability groups are linked to the project.

The project is expected to contribute to an improved working environment and reduced MSDs, not only for work with manual handling as today, but for significantly many more jobs, e.g. cashier work, installation and assembly work and dental work. In addition, the project is expected to contribute with relevant knowledge to other R&D projects.


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