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Ergonomics unit goes IEA

Published Sep 04, 2018

The ergonomics unit was represented in Florence at the IEA Conference.

Mikael Forsman, Jörgen Eklund, Linda Rose, Liyun Yang, Lena Nord Nilsson och Linda Rolfö

Mikael Forsman presented: Textile Integrated Sensors for Smart Assessments of Physical Exposure (In Special Session “New Methods in Upper Extremity Exposure Assessment

Can Borg’s RPE-scale be used as an estimate of workday energy consumption in physically demanding work?

Jörgen Eklund presented:Smart work clothes give better health - through improved work technique, work organization and production technology

Applications of Lean in stores

Linda Rose presented: RAMP - A Comprehensive MSD Risk Management Too

Liyun Yang presented: Validation and comparison of three positioning protocols of inertial and magnetic sensors for measuring trunk movement Linda Rolfö presenterade: A methods framework and an intervention for planning and design processes