Beatriz Martínez-Rius

“For the Benefit of all men”: Oceanography and French-American diplomacy during the cold war"

Time: Wed 2020-02-19 14.00 - 15.00

In this lab meeting, I will present the paper on history of science and diplomacy in which I’m currently working, to promote discussions and exchange new insights. In my paper, I explore the relations of codetermination between foreign policy and the development of science and technology, by analyzing the case of ocean exploration in France. As I will present, during the 1960s, oceanography was re-orientated and transformed in a diplomatic tool by the government of Charles de Gaulle to establish new cooperative relations with the US, through the creation of a new institution: the Centre National pour l’Explotation des Océans.

Belongs to: Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment
Last changed: Feb 11, 2020