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The Mediated Planet - New Grant to the Division in one of Formas Biggest Targeted Calls Ever

Published Sep 28, 2020

We are proud to present that as one of eleven projects, "Mediated Planet: Claiming Data for Environmental SDGs" lead by Sabine Höhler et al. was awarded funding when Formas/the Swedish Research Council invested more than 210 million kronor into Swedish research with the call: Realising the global sustainable development goals.

The project explores the global environment as emerging through environmental data and asks how data gathering practices, data access and data ownership shape environmental perception and politics. Sabine Höhler who is also a member of the SPHERE team leds the project together with Adam Wickberg, Susanna Lidström and Sverker Sörlin from the Division and Johan Gärdebo and Amanda Lagerkvist from Uppsala University. 

Accordning to all the granted projects in this call "span the global arena and have the potential to impact many people around the world"

“A mix of pioneering ideas, talented researchers and extraordinary collaboration gives these projects every opportunity to truly build knowledge in our efforts to achieve the sustainable development goals,” says Katarina Buhr, Senior Research Officer at Formas.

“We have ten years to achieve the sustainable development goals. With this funding initiative, Formas thus encouraged researchers to both tackle significant scientific challenges and take action to enable their research results to bring real-world impact. At the same time, we are advancing the position of Swedish sustainability research and the Swedish Agenda 2030 efforts,” says Ingrid Petersson, Director General of Formas.


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SPHERE: Study of the Planetary Human-Environment Relationship