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Wasteocene and the Diverse Reflection on the Global Ecological Crisis

Join us for a Symposium on ‘Wasteocene and the Diverse Reflection on the Global Ecological Crisis’, at 12:00 pm - 14:30 pm (CET), on November 30 & December 1.

Time: Wed 2022-11-30 12.00 - Thu 2022-12-01 14.30

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Language: English

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This online symposium invites scholars from all over the world in environmental humanities to reflect critically on the connotation and potentials of Marco Armiero’s concept “Wasteocene”, and explore the new vision of the ecological relationship between humans and nonhumans. Among the speakers are John McNeill, Martin Melosi, Sandra Swart, Jason Moore, Julie Sze, and Donald Worster.

Organized by the Center for Ecological History at the Renmin University of China and the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory


DAY 1 I 30 November
Welcome Remark (Mingfang Xia, Donald Worster)

Introduction by Marco Armiero

Panel 1 with moderator:Shen Hou

- John McNeill: Comments on Marco Armiero’s WASTEOCENE
- Martin Melosi: Linking Garbage to Climate Change—Is That a Thing?
- Jason Moore: Transcending the Wasteocene: Class, Empire and the Limits to Capital in the Era of the ‘Global Dump’
- Julie Sze: Reimagining Waste, Value and Commons: Scenes from a Life
- Sandra Swart: The Waste of the West?
- Salvo Torre: Wasteocene and Italian Political Ecology

Q&A Session

DAY 2 I 1 December

Panel 2 with moderator Lingjing Wu

- Giulia Arrighetti: Amazon capitalism and Wasting Relationship
- Yulin Zhang: The Disaster of Re-production and the Crisis of Governance: The Shanxi Example in China’s Experience
- Song Tian: Today’s World is Made of Garbage
- Lili Xun: The Abandoned ‘Native Land’: China’s Agricultural Transformation from the Perspective of the Wasteocene
- Yu Huang: Towards a Community That Refuses Wasting: Self-Empowerment and Group Service for Occupational Disease Workers in Guangdong
- Da Mao: Twenty-six Years of Persistence: The Discovery, Investigation, and Management of a PCB-Contaminated Site in Southwest China

Q&A Session

Closing Remark with Mingfang Xia